Marketing to Women

Is it about avoiding stereotypes? What about equal representation in ads? Are we accurately depicting multi-dimensional womanhood? If not, is this because of a lack of female leadership in marketing?

Do purposeful brands have a role to play in ‘fempowerment’? What about fledgling brands keen to ride the femvertising wave – are they opportunistic players or cultural trailblazers?Getting marketing to women right means understanding all this and more. It’s multi-layered; it’s complex.

But the one thing that’s crystal clear is the opportunity: By 2030, there will be over 100m more women in the global workforce, with all the additional spending power and influence that implies.

We think it’s time we all upped our game to ensure we are actually speaking with women rather than at them.The F Space is a place to help us get there.

It’s a community of like-minded people (gender is no barrier here) – where everyone has an interest in and commitment to getting marketing to women right for the long haul. We will share new research and insights, encourage discussion and by signing up you’ll also be invited to exclusive community events and see best-in-class work being championed.

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Mother’s Day cards for misogynists

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Past moments

Double Standards

Ever wondered why men are described as ‘passionate’ if they feel deeply about an issue, but women are often labelled ‘hysterical’ if they behave the same way? We have, and for IWD we’re highlighting the sexism hidden in everyday language via our new campaign ‘Double Standards’. More about the work here.


The brilliant Caitlin Moran joined us at our IWD event on 2nd March to talk about all things Misogyny, Media and Motherhood (you can read a little thought piece from two of our creatives inspired by the event here.) You can read more about the evening here.

Fixing the (other) Climate Gender Gap – whitepaper

Download our latest white paper: Fixing the (other) Climate Gender Gap

Google ‘climate change AND gender’ and you’ll be served up a fair number of hits that explain precisely why women are considered more vulnerable to climate change than men (bottom line: they constitute the majority of the world’s poor and are more dependent on the natural resources which climate change threatens the most.)


Thank you to everyone for your incredible entries for our (re)imagine campaign.

In support of three charities; Beyond Equality, Women for Women International’s Ukraine Fund and the Young Women’s Trust.

Info on the campaign here.

The Age of Age – whitepaper

Download our latest white paper: The Age of Age.

As women grow older, they find themselves underrepresented in advertising and feel increasingly invisible to brands.

80% of the UK’s wealth is held by those over 50, and the majority will be in female hands by 2025. Brands under-targeting women over 50 is nothing new, and the commercial potential for winning them over is clearer than ever. So why aren’t brands capitalising?

imagine an NFT

17th June

We held a live charity auction, lead by Christie’s Auction House – and an expert panel discussion about gender diversity in art, the world of NFT creativity and the potential Web3 offers to create long-lasting social impact.

Click here to read the article written about.

Gender Diversity Roundtable

Our Gender Diversity Report highlighted that agencies with more women in senior positions are more profitable, more socially responsible, and provide safer, higher-quality customer experiences — among many other benefits.

We hosted a Webinar + CMO roundtable to discuss the findings of our report in March 2022.

Downloadable assets

The (Other) Climate Gender Gap

The Age of Age - White Paper

Gender Diversity Report